Publish Your Jupyter Notebooks Tutorial


In this tutorial you will learn how to convert your completed Jupyter Notebook into a web page with NbConvert, and customize the menu bar with Bootstrap and Pug.

First we convert the .pynb file to HTML with NBViewer.   

Then we customize the  Bootstrap menu. Bootstrap is a standard css library from Twitter. 

To generate the menu HTML we use or Pug.js   Pug is like Python for HTML templating.  It uses indentation to define structure.  

Throw away the ending tags, and the beginning opening brackets.  It is particularly helpful in managing 

complex menus. 

Here is a simple example of Pug. 


It gives you the basic idea.  Most of the class is spent learning Pug.  By the end of the class, you will be able to edit complex menubars.  Here is a bootstrap menu bar being edited with Pug.  Much much easier than trying to edit the HTML. 

Here are the class notes .   No need to install anything, all the work is done in the browser. 

 The class is held in English, by a native English speaker.   You are most welcome to ask questions in Polish. 



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